Red Bull Community

Via Marcell Reichart

Austrian energy drink maker Red Bull has a proven track-record in successful community marketing. A best example is its sticky RedBullPilot-website which shows great graphics, unless you enjoy a broadband access.

What is the concept of community marketing? Let’s start with communities themselves. Englisch wikipedia gives a good intro. Keywords as far as I think are relationsship, conversation, mores.

Especially innovative marketers seem to build and grow communities around their product. I just learned that BMW had more than 20 mio. downloads with “The Star”, a rather cool and self-ironic short film. The true star is the the BMW5 M5 sedane, besides Guy Richti’s directorship and his wife Madonna’s key act. Top entertainment in 7 minutes. Another cool example, I remember when I flew back from a conference in spring. It was a 90-min. or so film called “Cellular, a hostage-movie where the story was build around a mobile phone, I think it was a Nokia.

I’d like to find further best cases in (digital) community marketing and learn more on the general concept of communities. Who knows more? Why are they instrumental to future marketing?

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