The digital plaster

Today I found the digiatl plaster.
An Innovation made in England by Toumaz.

Digital Pflaster 2

Toumaz Technology believes that demands on healthcare throughout the developed world are changing. The combination of the global demographic trend towards an ageing population coupled with a sedentary western lifestyle and poor diet is leading to higher probability and earlier onset of chronic disease. Factoring in the growing patient demands for personalised treatment, medicine and services, the result is huge cost pressures on healthcare.

Healthcare information systems in use today were mainly designed to manage acute illness, such as infections and injury, making them ill-equipped to cope with the growing requirement for pervasive monitoring of long-term conditions. With healthcare budgets already overstretched and fewer carers – professional and non-professional – available to meet these increased needs, the forecasted additional demands are simply unsustainable using current practice. A new paradigm is required.

Digital Pflaster 1

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