My iPhone display is partly dead

Yesterday I turned on my iPhone and I realized that the display is not working correct. I did many restarts and software checks. My result the screen has a dead zone of almost 2 cm. So I cannot type any eMails, short-messages, telefon-numbers nor tweets on twitter anymore. Oh no – bad news.

iPhone Dead Zone
I bought the iPhone on the first day in New York and activated the phone right away with AT&T. After cancelling the AT&T contract I brought it to Germany and unlocked it. Apple has a global guarantee on all products they sell. But with the iPhone and the related telecommunication operator they have many restrictions and I can only use my guarantee if I go to an Apple Store in USA.

It is amazing what you can find out using the Serial-Number of the product.
For example my iPhone is the 32.129th iPhone ever made and it was produced in July 2007.

But now I have to figure out how to get it working again… Maybe I have to buy a new display here.

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