Corporate Social Map of LUMIX Panasonic

Check out the Corporate Social Map of Panasonic Lumix created by Ahead of Time.
In 2008 the term „Social Map“ was highly discussed among bloggers worldwide. Here are some Examples of personal Social Graphs. Since then visualizations of personal Social Maps have been published, shared and discussed by individual Bloggers within the Blogosphere. These Social Maps created an intense discussion about digital reputation and digital identities. For companies a so-called Corporate Social Map is still very new and an unusual methodology, but also very effective and meaningful.

Your company, brand or product is already present in Social Media. You will find customer reviews, voting, rankings, comments or recommendations on different opinion-portals, blogs or social networks. Often people are sharing their positive or negative experiences with your product in public and even send their thoughts to their peer groups, friends or colleagues. A Social Map shows where these conversations take place, how intense the discussion actually is and how you can actively participate.

Social Map

Definition Social Map:
A „Social Map“ is a visualized Analysis of a digital identity of a person, brand or company. A „Social Map“ shows exactly where a digital identity is created, formed or discussed and sets each element in context and proportions.

Download the full Whitepaper and the Social Map Illustration here:
Corporate Social Map

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