MOCOM2020 – the future of mobile media.

Yesterday I presented the MOCOM2020 project to the public at the Mobile Monday National Summit in Munich.

MOCOM2020 is an open think tank about the future of mobile media worldwide.

I am excited to be part of this open innovation project with these motivating partners and experts. Today, we already have six astonishing people in our advisory board and we are planning to expand this board to up to 12 people within the next weeks. We will start to ask key-questions to challenge the status quo and to open up the conversation. Within the project process we will focus on major topics and develop scenarios and create a roadmap of the upcoming years. So we set some general goals, structure and outcomes of the project, but the results are not defined nor described, yet. That’s why it will be interesting to watch how the project evolves.

You can look at www.MOCOM2020.com to learn more about the project.

I am also very amazed that the MOCOM2020 Teaser Video, which we have published yesterday, already hit over 12.000 views on Youtube.

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