Custom Delegation Program for CxO’s to China and Japan

Our team at Digital Leaders recently did another executive immersion program to Tokyo, Japan and Beijing, China.

Custom Program for CxO’s to Asia’s technology centers

The participants of this custom program where high-level managers and mostly c-level executives from Europe. The managers got unique insights from leading innovators, technology companies and digital disruptors of Asia. The group met face-to-face with technology leaders in Beijing and Tokyo. Such an immersion program is a special experience from the moment the delegates arrive at the airport until they flight back to their hometown. During the week the participants visited some of the most innovative companies to explore the hottest technology trends and strategies for digital transformation.

Immersion Program to Asia – Accelerating Innovation

Digital Leaders supports global corporations accelerate innovation by connecting them to technology companies in tech hubs like Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul or Silicon Valley. Executive managers learn from startups, leading digital companies and thought leaders during our fully customised and unique innovation tours, learning journeys, executive immersion programs, corporate strategy sessions, special startup showcases, innovation labs and product demos. Customers of Digital Leaders include Fortune 500 companies, Nasdaq or DAX companies, CEOs, Chief Digital Officers, board directors of multi-billion dollar corporations, corporate executives, business owners, venture investors and government leaders.

The team also published an example agenda and other details about these exclusive programs at http://www.digitalleaders.co/tours/

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