WiMax als Weihnachtsgeschenk für Tokyo

Tokyo WiMax

In Tokyo wird ab Weihnachten 2005 ein flächendeckendes WiMax Netz einsatzfähig sein.
Für 55$ pro Jahr erhält man Zugang für das schnelle Internet-Netz.

This is a VERY nice Christmas gift for your beloved green space pig (aka me). The company called YOZAN is rolling out WiMAX access in Tokyo on Christmas day. You get WiMAX (IEEE802.16-2004) and a good 2.4Ghz WLAN for… 55 EUR per year!!
Immigration officers in a Japanese embassy near you can treat your asylum demands from today onwards!

From a technical point of view, you need to plug a USB key for authentication purposes in your PC, but they also mention PDA access, which seems a bit tricky, because plugging a USB stick in a PDA might prove more difficult than you’d imagine…
Via Akihabara News

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