News: Deutsche Bank works with CScout for Second Life Project.

CScout - Q110 Staff in Second Life
CScout Munich continues its work as a Virtual World strategy advisor with the creation of “Q110 – the Deutsche Bank of the Future” in Second Life.

Together with IBM and VOK DAMS Group, CScout Trend Consultancy developed the concept and realized the end result, the presence of Q110 in Second Life. This is the second SL project for CScout Trendconsultancy. Last year CScout devised project from start to finish, bringing the Avastar to fruition. The Avastar is the highly acclaimed Second Life newspaper run by Bild.T-Online AG, a subsidiary of the publishing house Axel Spring AG. For this more recent project CScout’s project manager Philippe Souidi worked together with Ilaria Forte to overcome the challenges of translating the values of the Deutsche Bank into the 3D virtual World. After going “live” on the 4th of July the Q110 virtual branch has been well received by SL residents.

Q110 is a branch of the Deutsche Bank, with currently one real world location in Berlin. Q110 embodies the ideals of a new experience through banking by encouraging clientele to enjoy interactions with the bank and to take advantage of forward thinking banking concepts and products. The tenants and products offered by Q110 have been transposed into the virtual world, offering an experiential and entertaining 3D banking experience.

Visit Q110 in Second Life, or catch a glimpse of the project through the video below.

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