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Bringing Corporate Social Responsibility to the next level

UnHCR manager tours The manager tours program will be exciting. Today I met Gonzalo Vargas Llosa, Senior Policy Adviser (Advocacy and Communications) at United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in New York.

At the upcoming tour in April we will do a short tour through the United Nations Headquarter and then talk about the “ninemillion” project. Mr. Vargas Llosa showed me a handmade UN helicopter build by children. He got it as a present during one of his projects.

It is great to see that Corporate Social Responsibility is not only an innovative marketing issue, it is also a possibility to really help people in third world countries.


Preparations for the manager tour in New York

We are currently working with full power on the preparations for the upcoming manager tours. It is really great to start a “conversation” with our attendees, speakers, experts and interested people who just follow our blog. During the whole preparation work we are integrating all ideas and feedback to create a really high-level program.

Ogilvy Worldwide Office Entrance in New YorkYesterday I met Mike Hemingway, Global Managing Director at Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, in midtown Manhatten. Mike will talk about his innovative marketing activities for the beauty brand “Dove“. The viral video “Dove Evolution” was watched by millions of people (over 6 million on youtube alone). I think it is the most effective viral marketing campaign so far and Unilever is really setting new standards to start a conversation with its consumers.

Harvard Club New YorkToday I met Andrew Heyward, former CEO of CBS News, at the Harvard Club New York to talk about the manager tour in April 2008 in New York. Andrew will talk about the changing media landscape, his experiences at CBS News and how you can prepare your company for the future of media.

The manager tour in NY will offer a great program and I am really looking forward sharing it with you.


German Rock Band Tokio Hotel conquers USA

Tokio Hotel live in New York City Tokio Hotel did is first concert in New York City this evening.
Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg presented their songs in front of over 1000 people. The line in front of the event location was going over three blocks. The main phenoma about the group is that the CD was not even published in the US, yet.

Note for all Marketeers: Everybody who does not understand until today that the teens and twens live in a global digital world, should visit a Tokio Hotel concert. There are even more digital cameras then people in the location. They film everything they can and put online as soon as they get a conncetion. They share the songs via social networking site worldwide or watch the clips on youtube.

Here is a live video of the song “Durch den Monsun” recorded today on Feb. 18th in NY:

Video from the Backdoor:

Video just before the start of the event in front of the concert-location: