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Master Sommelier Paul Roberts about his favorite wines

At the first evening of the Monaco Media Forum 2008 ACCEL Ventures invited to an high-class winetasting with some of the best Sommeliers. Paul Roberts is one of 110 people worldwide who are official “Master Sommeliers”. He was guiding the conference attendees through the list of wines offered during the wine-tasting. I felt a bit like Gary Vaynerchuk from Winelibrary TV, who is tasting wines all day.

Paul told me about the great wines from Bond Estates in Napa Valley, California. My favorite wine was the 1997 Cabernet Sauvignon from Bryant Family Vineyard.

We did the Video Interview at the end of the Conference Party at Moods. Note: there had been already lights on and all other guests have left, so I think it was already quite late…


Martin Varsavsky about the status of Wifi Network FON

Interview at the Monaco Media Forum with Martin Varsavsky, Investor and Founder of FON.

Martin told me that there are more than 300.000 FON Wifi Hotspots worldwide which makes FON 10 times larger than T-Mobile Hotspots. FON Germany is developing slower than other countries due to the german mentality. Martin says that “sharing” Wifi might not the right slogan in Germany. He is suggesting to change the marketing message to “Make money with your Wifi” or “Save money with your Wifi”. He also talked about the new Fonero Router 2.0 for hackers and developers.


Lawrence Lessig about the key-challenges of Creative Commons

Interview at the Monaco Media Forum 2008 with Lawrence Lessig, Professor, Stanford Law School and Co-Founder, Creative Commons. I asked him “How did Creative Commons start?” His speech at the MMF was called “Some Rights Reserved”.


30 Minute Infomercial by Barack Obama

This is the informercial, aired on October 29 2008, on primetime in USA Television.


How to reach 18 million people with a viral video?

I met Dr. Abraham Glezerman, Founder and CEO of Cardo Systems in Berlin at an ADC Event and talked with him about the huge success of his Viral Video Campaign.

“The Popcorn mystery” was started with one amateur video in english, followed by an Video response from Japan. After launching these two videos thousand of people tried to make popcorn with their cell-phones, too, and published videos on youtube. Even ABC and CNN aired several stories about the mystery.

After a few week Cardo published this Video “The Popcorn mystery resolved” and CNN invited Mr. Glezerman for an interview.

The results to far: 18 million people have watched the videos and much more heard about Cardo Systems for the first time.


Real or Viral Video?

This video shows a live carhijacking, filmed by a pedestrian.

The question is: Is it real? Or a clever Viral Video to show Seesmic’s mobile upload function?

funny BUT too close to where I live


The Future of Tennis

Great Viral Video by Lacoste:
The future of tennis?


Motivational Speech by Gary Vaynerchuk

The speech by Gary Vaynerchuk at this year’s Web 2.0 Expo in New York is informational, astonishing and really funny at the sime time.

And he’s right: “Stop doing things you hate”.


China is getting ready for the Olympic Games

The last hours before the official start of the olympic games in Beijing 2008.

The chinese people are getting ready….

TBWA China produced this amazing Spot for Adidas.


The Future of TV Shopping, T-Commerce?

Two intersting new Video-Shopping Portals:
– The Talk Market

What do you think about shopping like this?


Google starts 3D Virtual World

Lively Google Google launches a 3D Online Virtual World called Lively.

After many rumors, it is now public. Google starts with a Massive-Multiplayer-Online World and targets the users and audience of Second Live.

A great feature is the ability to produce, publish and even sell virtual products on Lively. This might even give companies the opportunity to offer their real products, as virtual products, too. After our projects in Second Life for Deutsche Bank and Axel-Springer, we might do some Lively projects soon.

In its latest quest to expand beyond its main mission of organizing the world’s information, Search engine leader Google is entering into the virtual world business Tuesday with the introduction of “Lively,” a product that lets users create highly personalized 3-D virtual rooms on the web.

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UEFA EM 2008 on IPTV platform JOOST

UEFA EM 2008 on Joost.

It’s one of the most exciting tournaments of the summer.
The quarterfinals of Euro 2008 begin tomorrow. Of the 16 qualifiers, only eight will go on – and some powerhouses will be notably absent.
From now until June 29, we’ll add twice daily recaps and previews of these hotly contested matches from the Magazine.
If you just can’t get enough, or want to relive any of the action, you’ll be able to catch up on all the best football and more until the end of July.
Get your football fix now.


Animoto – Animate your Pictures

Today I created a showcase of Animoto with pictures about and taken by the new Panasonic LUMIX camera.

Animoto is a project by Amazon S3 to show how fast the Web-Servers of Amazon S3 really are.

Here is my short video I created today:


14 best ways to watch Steve Job’s Keynote today

Here are my top 14 ways to watch Steve Job’s Keynote today live from the WWDC – Development Conference in USA.

Live Video is already a big trend online. At Youtube you can only upload recorded material or record live via your Webcam. But Via Mogulus or UStream you can publish a live video and stream it online.

So here you can watch a Live Video about the WWDC Keynote:
The Digital Lifestyle TV
>>>>This one is using Mogulus TV.
Bwana TV
>>>>And this one is Using UStream TV.
Techcrunch via Mobile Phone
>>>> Michael is using his mobile Phone and

Live Audio:
IPhone Alley

Friendfeed Rooms:
Scoble’s Room
Venture Beat Room

Twitter Feeds:
Leo La Porte Twitlive
Apple Live
Mac Rumors

Blogs – Live Blogging:


Sustainable Future of China

Shanghai Skyline China is growing rapidly and expands its influence on a global level. One dramatic side effect is that 16 out of 20 dirties cities, on the World Bank’s list of most polluted cities, are in China. There is a dramatic water shortage in 400 of 668 China’s biggest cities. Environment, water and air pollution are important issues for the future of China.

That’s why China is pushing sustainable concepts and projects. The Green Dragon Media Project is documenting this tough challenge and shows major steps into a greener future for the 1.3 billion inhabitants in China.

Here you can watch the trailer:


The Future of Mobile Communication

During research regarding the future of communication I came across a great R&D project by NOKIA called “MORPH”.

Morph is a concept demonstrating some of the possibilities nanotechnologies might enable in future communication devices. Morph can sense its environment, is energy harvesting and self cleaning .
Morph is a flexible two-piece device that can adapt its shape to different use modes. Nanotechnology enables to have adaptive materials yet rigid forms on demand.
It is also featured in the MoMA online exhibition “Design and the Elastic Mind”. It has been a collaboration project of Nokia Research Center and Cambridge Nanoscience Center.


Motivational Speech by Steve Jobs

On the weekend I watched a great motivational speech by Steve Jobs. I reported about the speech already in 2005:, but now I saw the video again. In this very emotional and private speech he spoke about three main issues in his life:
– “Connecting the Dots” – You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever,
– “Love and Loss” – You’ve got to find what you love and
– “Death” – how important it is to have longtime goals and stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

Here is the video:


Interview: Rick Kim, “Second Life” Linden Lab – South Korea

During the “VDZ Online Publishers Tour” we organized in February 2008 we were invited to the German Embassy in Seoul for a Diner-Reception. The Speaker and Expert of this evening was Rick Kim, Country Manager Linden Lab South Korea and former Manager at Cyworld.
Linden Lab is the company behind “Second Life”, the 3D Multiplayer Virtual World.

Rick is talking about the challenges and opportunities regarding Virtual Worlds in South Korea. He explains the key-success factors for starting such a project in Korea as well as insights about the korean consumer.

Enjoy the video….


Doing Business in China: Documentary - doing business in china Yesterday I watched a great documentary called “Brits get rich in China”. The Video was recommended by Christine Lu from the ChinaBusinessNetwork.

I think the documentary shows the dynamics and the spirit in China.
As we are preparing our upcoming manager tour in China, the video is a great example of what you can experience in China. Furthermore you get a good feeling of “how to do business in China”.

Have a look….